Hey folks! Back again and just in time for the nice weather! Because it has been awhile since I’ve posted anything, this post will be a little longer than a typical one. Hope you enjoy!

1.) Flying Lotus- Cosmogramma9.0/10.0

      Steven Ellison, the experimental multi-genre musican and producer that is Flying Lotus (who’s great aunt just happens to be the late Alice Coltrane), has created his best album to date. This record is full of collabortations with the likes of Thom Yorke on vocals, Thundercat on bass/vocals, Ravi Coltrane on the Tenor Saxophone and many more. All 17 tracks lead into each other, making it a very wholesome sounding record. And while it remains a largely experimental piece, every minute sounds precise and labored over. Another thing that makes this album fascinating is Ellison’s incorporation of a vast variety of instruments. From harp and strings to bass and computer generated beats, the album never becomes tiring to listen to and rewards repeat listens.


 Playlist #1- *For those summer days*-

  1. Intergalactic- Beastie Boys
  2. Sexx Laws- Beck
  3. Kizza Me- Big Star
  4. Loser- Beck
  5. Rock and Roll Music- The Beatles (written by Chuck Berry)
  6. Let’s Spend the Night Together- The Rolling Stones
  7. Scarecrow- Beck
  8. Lust for Life- Girls
  9. Lloyd, I’m Ready to be Heartbroken- Camera Obscura
  10. One After 909- The Beatles
  11. No. 13 Baby- Pixies
  12. D.J.- David Bowie
  13. Body Movin’- Beastie Boys
  14. Before I Was Caught- Jay Reatard
  15. Ghost Mouth- Girls
  16. Professor Booty- Beastie Boys
  17. Unfair- Pavement
  18. Big Bad Mean M**********r- Girls
  19. No Reply- The Beatles
  20. Girlfriend in a Coma- The Smtihs
  21. Debaser- Pixies
  22. Rubies- Destroyer
  23. AT&t- Pavement
  24. Ticket to Ride- The Beatles
  25. Someone Great- LCD Soundsystem
  26. They Live By Night- The Make-up
  27. Bros- Panda Bear
  28. Rock & Roll Nigger- Patti Smith
  29. Beach Comber- Real Estate
  30. Kool Thing- Sonic Youth
  31. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up- Tom Waits
  32. Tom Courtnenay- Yo La Tengo
  33. Search and Destroy- The Stooges
  34. Teen Creeps- No Age
  35. Kim & Jessie- M83
  36. Crazy Feeling- Lou Reed
  37. Needle in the Camel’s Eye- Brian Eno
  38. Cause=Time- Broken Social Scene
  39. Hazel Street- Deerhunter
  40. Tugboat- Galaxie 500
  41. Fireworks- Animal Collective
  42. Did You See the Words- Animal Collective


Playlist #2- *You Gots to Get Dat FUNKY SOUL Back in Yo Life!*-

  1. I’m Gonna Keep On Loving You- The Kool Blues
  2. Please, Please, Please- James Brown
  3. Joyful Exaltation- The Whitefield Brothers
  4. Out Of Breath- Ronnie Whitehead
  5. There’s Gonna Be Some Crying- Small Paul
  6. Give It Up Or Turnit Loose- James Brown
  7. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag- James Brown
  8. Taisho- The Whitefield Brothers
  9. Mother Popcorn- James Brown
  10. Begging You- Ronnie Whitehead
  11. You’re All I Need To Make It- Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr
  12. Soul Vibrations- Dorothy Ashby
  13. Bewildered- James Brown
  14. Who Knows- Marion Black
  15. Depot Depot- Tom Waits
  16. Sad Nile-  The Whitefield Brothers
  17. Where Is Love- The Equatics
  18. Lost Someone- James Brown
  19. Function Underground- We The People
  20. I’ve Got to Have You- Sheila Jack
  21. Strange Fruit- Billie Holiday


Playlist #3-  *Jazz Is Back*-

  1. Better Git It In Your Soul- Carles Mingus
  2. Right Off- Miles Davis
  3. Track A-Solo Dancer (Stop! Look! And Listen. Sinner Jim Whitney!)- Charles Mingus
  4.  On The Corner/ New York Girl/ Thinkin’ Of One Thing and Doin’ Another/ Vote For Miles- Miles Davis
  5. My Favorite Things- John Coltrane (Live- Olatunji concert)
  6. Chameleon- Herbie Hancock
  7. Afro-Harping- Dorothy Ashby
  8. Open Letter To Duke- Charles Mingus
  9. Taurus- Cannonball Adderley
  10. Love Chant- Charles Mingus
  11. Blue Train- John Coltrane
  12. Oleo- Miles Davis
  13. Bag’s Groove Pt. I- Miles Davis
  14. Miles Runs The Voodoo Down- Miles Davis
  15. Bitches Brew- Miles Davis
  16. Bess, You Is M Woman Now- Miles Davis
  17. Shhh/Peaceful- Miles Davis
  18. A Love Supreme, Part. III: Pursuance- John Coltrane
  19. Nice Work If You Can Get It- Thelonius Monk

–I think that everyone can get a little something out of these playlists. I made them long so that there’s a little of something for everyone. I think that these categories of music are coming across as the most natural to me right now, hope you enjoy!



Here’s the link to hear a whole Joanna Newsom concert, courtesy of NPR. Lasting about an hour and a half, most of the songs are from her new masterpiece, Have One On Me, with a few thrown in the mix from Ys and Milk-Eyed Mender. So have a listen and enjoy!

—————->>>   http://www.npr.org/templates/player/mediaPlayer.html?action=1&t=1&islist=false&id=124711752&m=125084160

We need your input!

March 19, 2010

     Just out of pure curiosity, what is your favorite album(s)? If you can’t think of one you can also add an album that’s come out recently that you really became attatched to. Hopefully we can get an interactive discussion going. Feel free to post comments, photos, videos and outside links.

records.jpg records image by airballbuddy

Happy St. Patty’s Day Everybody! I have some new tunes for you to check out. So today, while your enjoying some Guinness, why not listen to some new music? It’s bound to catch your attention one way or the other: by noise or voice…Enjoy.

Joanna NewsomHave One On Me

~Sprawled out onto a 2-hour epic disc that’s filled with fantastic lyricism and incredible composition, this is now my favorite album in her small but impressive discography. Newsom proves to be one of those rare talents that has shown her staying power in the course of modern music. 10/10

GorillazPlastic Beach

~Surprisingly great! The Gorillaz really show their collaborative spirit here, working with names like Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, Snoop Dog and Mos Def. Starting spring time off in the best possible fashion, Plastic Beach ranks right up there with their best. 9/10


~It takes a few listens but overall its a very solid recording. Similar to Drums Not Dead, each song is strained with heavy drums and layers of guitar that wash in and out. Each song has its own surprising moment, usually filled with bursts of noise and energy. 7.5/10

Pantha du PrinceBlack Noise

~This definitely surprised me. I literally just picked it up because of the name; however, it proves to be a beautiful assemblage of concentrated techno-esque rhythm and soft beats that sprawl all over the place. Panda Bear makes a great appearance on “Stick To My Side” too, only expanding on the album’s vast soundscapes. Black Noise is perfect “head-phone music” and is at its best when played at high volume(maybe turn the sound up to eleven?). 8.5/10

Brazilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas-(Compilation under the label: Tropicalia In Furs Records/World Psychedelic Funk Classics)

~Incredibly powerful and obscure music from the early 1960’s-mid 1970’s. If you are at all interested in the Trpoicalia movement and/or just heavy psyche-funk this is worth the money. You’ll definitely be putting this one to multiple listens, simply because there is so much going on that it’s hard to catch everything the first time around. In addition to the great music, The LP has some of the best packaging around. It includes a 12×12” full color booklet with all of the liner notes and photos from the CD and it also contains original artwork on the inside (3D glasses included in the first pressing). 10/10

Hey Everyone, so I put Horses on the record player tonight. The album is definitely one of my favorites but it got me thinking of what an amazing influence Smith has been on music. I mean her first three (and best) albums: Horses, Radio Ethiopia and Easter revolutionized and expanded the meaning of Punk and Rock & Roll, not to mention her role as a female poet/musician. Just listen to her version of “Gloria” or that live version of “My Generation,” the way she takes spoken word and intensifies them a thousand fold. Small phrases turn into the most revealing lines ever uttered in music. From that version of “My Generation” where she screams: “I DON’T NEED THAT FUCKING SHIT!” after her bandmates sing “…just f.f.f.fff-ade away!” to her insightful poetry that can definitely stand by itself:

“…helium raven and this movie is mine,
So he cried out as he stretched the sky,
Pushing it all out like latex cartoon, am I all alone in this generation?
We’ll just be dreaming of animation night and day
And won’t let up, won’t let up and I see them coming in,
Oh, I couldn’t hear them before, but I hear ’em now,
It’s a radar scope in all silver and all platinum lights
Moving in like black ships, they were moving in, streams of them…(“Birdland”)”

So, we all just wanna say thank you Patti Smith, for liberating us all.

February 10, 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. In the meantime, however, I’ve picked up some music that I think you’ll really appreciate. If you think I should add a record or want to suggest anything just contact me at J.schleis@yahoo.com ….Enjoy!


Beach House- Teen Dream. 9.3 /10

Teen Dream [CD + DVD]

So this was my first Beach House album and I immediately loved it. It has a catchy pop feel that is constructed with a dreamy orchestration that makes this album stick out. Some stand-out tracks here include “Zebra,”Used To Be” and “10 Mile Stereo”. Compared with their last album, Devotion (it’s still a toss-up between which album I like better), this record is a little more accessible; however, Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally don’t throw anything out; this isn’t their “compromise” album. In fact this album, though more accessible, expands upon Beach House’s sound. Instead of strict minimalistic pop with hazy undertones, we get to hear glimpses of soul and gospel. I cannot find anything wrong with it, yet I am able to pull new sounds and instrumentation to the surface everytime I listen to this masterwork. The packaging is a bonus too. The sleeve comes with an extra disc that contains every music video to every song on the album.The videos were directed by directors of the band’s choice.