That’s right! WE are EXPANDING this blog! I’ve recruited a few others to help keep this blog fastrolling. Expect: More Music reviews along with the additions of: Art, Poetry, Craziness and generally just a good time! To start us off, I’ve prepared a little poem-ditty-thing to get us thinking about all this warm weather just around the corner (at least for the Eastern/Mid-Eastern U.S.). So I hope all of you enjoy the future of the MUSIC AS ART blog!


The Almight Feeling of Infinite Happiness lies within its borders.

Marked only by two dates in opposition-

In the air we glide, In the sun we ride.

We live care-free lives, from the courtesy of the atmosphere.

Enchanted by the flowers; Enchanted by the grass.

We yearn for the anniversary of Summertime-

And we crave for that sight of colors exploding into the light!


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