Happy St. Patty’s Day!/Things Y’all Need to get.

March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patty’s Day Everybody! I have some new tunes for you to check out. So today, while your enjoying some Guinness, why not listen to some new music? It’s bound to catch your attention one way or the other: by noise or voice…Enjoy.

Joanna NewsomHave One On Me

~Sprawled out onto a 2-hour epic disc that’s filled with fantastic lyricism and incredible composition, this is now my favorite album in her small but impressive discography. Newsom proves to be one of those rare talents that has shown her staying power in the course of modern music. 10/10

GorillazPlastic Beach

~Surprisingly great! The Gorillaz really show their collaborative spirit here, working with names like Lou Reed, Bobby Womack, Snoop Dog and Mos Def. Starting spring time off in the best possible fashion, Plastic Beach ranks right up there with their best. 9/10


~It takes a few listens but overall its a very solid recording. Similar to Drums Not Dead, each song is strained with heavy drums and layers of guitar that wash in and out. Each song has its own surprising moment, usually filled with bursts of noise and energy. 7.5/10

Pantha du PrinceBlack Noise

~This definitely surprised me. I literally just picked it up because of the name; however, it proves to be a beautiful assemblage of concentrated techno-esque rhythm and soft beats that sprawl all over the place. Panda Bear makes a great appearance on “Stick To My Side” too, only expanding on the album’s vast soundscapes. Black Noise is perfect “head-phone music” and is at its best when played at high volume(maybe turn the sound up to eleven?). 8.5/10

Brazilian Guitar, Fuzz Bananas-(Compilation under the label: Tropicalia In Furs Records/World Psychedelic Funk Classics)

~Incredibly powerful and obscure music from the early 1960’s-mid 1970’s. If you are at all interested in the Trpoicalia movement and/or just heavy psyche-funk this is worth the money. You’ll definitely be putting this one to multiple listens, simply because there is so much going on that it’s hard to catch everything the first time around. In addition to the great music, The LP has some of the best packaging around. It includes a 12×12” full color booklet with all of the liner notes and photos from the CD and it also contains original artwork on the inside (3D glasses included in the first pressing). 10/10


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