February 10, 2010

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in so long. In the meantime, however, I’ve picked up some music that I think you’ll really appreciate. If you think I should add a record or want to suggest anything just contact me at J.schleis@yahoo.com ….Enjoy!


Beach House- Teen Dream. 9.3 /10

Teen Dream [CD + DVD]

So this was my first Beach House album and I immediately loved it. It has a catchy pop feel that is constructed with a dreamy orchestration that makes this album stick out. Some stand-out tracks here include “Zebra,”Used To Be” and “10 Mile Stereo”. Compared with their last album, Devotion (it’s still a toss-up between which album I like better), this record is a little more accessible; however, Victoria Legrand and guitarist Alex Scally don’t throw anything out; this isn’t their “compromise” album. In fact this album, though more accessible, expands upon Beach House’s sound. Instead of strict minimalistic pop with hazy undertones, we get to hear glimpses of soul and gospel. I cannot find anything wrong with it, yet I am able to pull new sounds and instrumentation to the surface everytime I listen to this masterwork. The packaging is a bonus too. The sleeve comes with an extra disc that contains every music video to every song on the album.The videos were directed by directors of the band’s choice.